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Small Emloyers Need To Know Employment Law

In the usual day to day life we lead, there’s not usually a great deal of arguing about how the secretary arranges his or her work load.  Unless one is particularly important and busy enough to have a domestic goddess who deals with the hum drum of organisation.   Recently I’ve witnessed problms that arise when no one on the board of trustees of an august body suddenly find themselves up against an embarrassing problem in the office set up.  The ‘staff’ committee know absolutely nothing about HR matters and therefore acted completely illegally when they invited the secretary to attend what she thought wass going to be her annual review and it turned out to be an ‘informal’ chat about a couple of issues.  They did not let her know there were any concerns and further, did not let her know she was being investigated and that she could bring a friend or colleague to the meeting.  So many things were done badly and it’s all caused bad blood with no resolution of the original problem.