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Neighbour Boundy Disputes & The Rest

There are more and more issues arising in family life that call for legal arm twisting.  In property for example, there is very often a problem over boundary disputes – invariably caused through long term use of an ‘adopted’ practice by one side or the other.  Maybe a neighbour was allowed to use an extra couple of feet for a specific purpose back in the day and now the owner of the favoured land wants to stop the practice and almost put an invisible wall up.  Insteads of asking the neighbour to stop doing whatever it is, the owner gets all tong tied and nervous, doesn’t want to cause too much aggro etc.  It never gets properly sorted out so the practice becomes established.    When the neighbour wants access to his land, he actually has to consult a solicitor to start a claim.  It sounds archaic but that’s how neighbourhood disputes finish – those pesky plans need to be completely watertight if the judge is going to get that baby sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction.