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Law Commission Is Always Active

We often hear the phrase ‘he Law Commission’  but very few of us know what that means.   In fact the Law Commission is the statutory  independent body created back in 1965 by the Law Commission Act to keep the law of England and Wales uder review and to recommend reform where it is needed.  The commission has four aims to ensure the law is fair, modern, simple and cost effective.   Some of the most recent news from them include such diverse subjects as remote driving review – robust regulation needed before such technology is on UK roads.  Wow now that one is quite a meaty topic and requires much more space than we have here.  Another topic is ‘An update on the 14th programme of law reform’  which was a consultation programme covering a possible 200 matters for law reform.  It was concluded the same year however the Commission has currenly extended the timetable for finalising the 14th Programme in view of the Governments focus on other priorities for the remainder of this parliament.