Stonerat Law Legal Issues Basic Conveyancing Knowledge Helps All Parties

Basic Conveyancing Knowledge Helps All Parties

The only time anyone usually gets involved with issues of a legal nature is when they buy a house.  The many twists and turns that conveyancing takes us on is usually terrifying and many a first time buyer is frightened witless that they’ll enjd up with massive bills if they don’t know about this or that.   It is essential to understand every aspect of the contract that covers their house purchase.  No buiyer should trust their conveyancing solicitor without reading every letter and contract sent to them.  The legal teams are often very busy, especially when the good times mean that house sales go through the roof.  With so many buyers and sellers all wanting the best price they can get for their part of a deal, solicitors have a foot in both camps.  Just a basic knowledge of conveyancing law is a good step to ensur the buyer knows what he’s signing.  But sellers also have to beware that they don’t get shafted at the other end of the deal.